Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  Last Christmas I was in New Zealand, basking in the warmth of a Summer Christmas.  This year I am back in NYC spending the holidays with family and friends.  And the blizzard of 2010.   While it is great to be with those I love, I do wish it was 85 degrees (30 Celsius for my Kiwi readers) and that the sun set around 5 hours later!

Santa was good to me this year.  I got a Go Pro HD and I plan to use it to shoot some of the craziness of NYC under 20 inches (51 cm) of the white stuff.  I also got to play with my sister’s first DSLR, the Canon T2i, which I helped her pick out.  the camera performed great under normal conditions.  I didn’t get to play with the footage after shooting it, but as it is extremely similar to the 7D I’m sure the quality of the image is excellent, while the usual problems of using a still camera to shoot video ( focus issues, compression, sound quality) are still issues we all hope gets worked out eventually.  Or you could just get a videocamera!

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  1. Ines Corona-Diaz says:

    Love that Santa photo. So does this mean you are a permanent kiwi yourself? I knew you really liked NZ but never imagined you would actually moved out there. Good for you. Great to see you have followed your calling and are exceling in what you love. Just recently took the time to review my linkedin contacts info (as I have been trying to get in touch just to see how you are doing) and saw your company info.
    Congratulations Alex. Hope you and your family are continuing to do well!

    Luis and I are planning our move from NY, we finally sold the pizza shop and invested elsewhere but many things to iron out before actually able to move.

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