What We Do

Web Videos

Professional Video Solutions’ primary focus is on producing stunning quality videos which are tailored for the web. Framing, composition, length and cutting style are different for the web than they are for other delivery methods such as DVD’s. We know how to create videos which utilize the smaller frame size and shorter attention span of the average web surfer. If your business has a website without video you are missing out on the potential to grab a prospective customer’s attention and get them one step closer to an enquiry or a sale.



A commercial that sells your services effectively is essential to many businesses. If your customers don’t know you exist how are they going to use your product or service? Commercials are proven effective when done correctly. Let us craft a video that will engage your target audience.



Corporate and Event

Preserving events such as conferences, company incentives, and training sessions are a great ROI. Sharing a video reinforces the great experience the attendee had and helps market future events. There are many video solutions which serve corporate needs; sizzle videos, web based training seminars, and event highlights are just a few.


Our Process


The first and most important part of pre-production is understanding. We first seek to learn about your business and what goals you have for your video.

The second step is to come up with a concept and create a detailed plan for your video. We collaborate using your company knowledge and our video expertise to create a script which will grab your viewer’s attention.


Shooting the script is about vision combined with know-how. The difference between a professionally shot video and one created by someone with lesser tools and experience is instantly apparent. And when this video will represent your business, can you afford to cut corners?

Our team has over 3o years experience and we use the latest HD cameras, high end microphones, and excellent lighting equipment to ensure the highest quality recording.


The devil is in the details. Post-production is about getting the little decisions just right. Assembling the footage, shot length, and transitions are a few of the myriad of choices made in the edit. In this stage we can utilize more sophisticated editing or we can keep it simple to keep costs down.

Post production is where it all comes together. It is the final draft of your script. During post-production we keep in constant contact to make sure we are on the same page so that the end result is exactly what you pictured.


The picture and soundtrack have been locked and we have delivered your final product, be it a flash video or a DVD. The benefit of video is that it is a one time expense with multiple uses. You can post it on your website, video sharing sites such as YouTube or use it in e-mail campaigns.

Investing in a video is is a one time expense which generates an extremely high return on your investment. Your professionally shot video will be a useful marketing tool for years to come.

Rates and Services

Pricing should be simple. We believe in easy to understand pricing and create a flat-fee quote that is specific to your needs and requirements.  Contact us today to set up a meeting to discuss how we can work together.